Santa Paws is Comin’ to The Shire!



Yesterday the Sekret Santa tree with over 70 gift boxes containing names within was opened up to all the Sekret Santa participants who stormed the Tree in the morning in a celbratory rush of exited cheer! Everyone nipped a gift box for themselve to see who they would be getting a present for! It was quite the site!

The Treetopper & Ice Sculpty Sculpture Contests are in full gear right now as voting is now ongoing! To vote for both, go to the top of THIS page and click the appropriate VOTING links! Register to vote if you’re not already registered and be sure and vote! Lots of talented folken have made some excellently creative things!

Lots coming up! Look for Info in the next few days on Tiny Caroling coming up as we look to take groups of tinys about the grid to sing for folks… Tiny STYLE!  Also, this coming weekend, Live musician & singer songwriter Robie Bloch returns to perform for us! As always check the event calendar on this page or in world for dates and times!

Winterfest continues!