Winter has moved in on the Shire which means….. Its time to Party! TINY STYLE!

HOOOOO!!  Well its the time of year when the air chills over as temperatures drop. This week saw a massive snow storm which dumped several inches of Snow on the shire transforming the Land into a frosty white wintery landscape! Decorations have quickly gone up, mountains were raised and the Winterfest village began to take shape!

Its WINTERFEST 2008 on The Shire!

Over the next month + we’ll be seeing Live musical performances, Parties both informal and formal & other fun activities designed to make the most of the WInter theme and holidays of this festive time of year! Drop by the WInterfest Village and relax by the fire or in any of the charming chalet style buildings, shop at the Main lodge where fine Artisan created tiny wares in winter & holiday themes are placed. Skate on the Raglan Skating rink, or Ski, Snowboard, or take an Iceball down Mount Waffle! Lights and colors and ornaments are everywhere on the Cluster so even something as relaxing like taking a walk is an activity in itself as theres much to be seen! & we’re not even 1/2 done with the decorating! Muhahahahaha

Winterfest begins!