The 2nd Raglan Shire Talent Show is 2 weeks away!

Wow has it been a year? YEP!  Last year we had our first Talent Show in which friends and community members of the Shire were invited to take the stage and entertain the throngs of tinies in the audience with their choice of entertainment. We had Death defying daredevil acts, Escape Artist acts, Poetry readings, Dancing acts, Music Acts and much much more! All followed by an AWESOME AFTER SHOW PARTY. The Talent Show last year was truly an awesome time!

With 2 weeks to go theres still time for YOU to get involved! This is your chance to take the stage, be creative and be a STAR! Maybe you have a special talent you’d like people to see! Or something wonderful that you think people would enjoy… a story? a magic act? jokes? A Skit with you and your friend? or anything unique and entertaining, The Stage is calling you!

If youd like to take the stage and perform in front of adoring tiny fans, simply contact the Talent show Talent Coordinator hippo, Alohalani Heron! Let her know what you’re going to do, about how much time you think you’ll need and any special needs or whatnot. We’re here to help you strut your stuff in front of the Virtual world!

The Raglan Shire Talent Show takes place on Raglan Shire Sunday November 23rd at 12 pm Noon SLT.  Come one, come all to the Greatest Show in all of tinydom!

See you there 😀

*Thanks to Eleanora for the fabbo Talent Show graphic!

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