SHOCKTOBER on Raglan Shire!

Halloween Month on The Shire!

October is a month of spooky fun and THIS year we’ve dedicated the entire month of SHOCKTOBER to Halloween haunts and ghastly ghostly ghouls!

On Raglan Shire A Haunted House now sits on a hill. Looming over…. and watching all… and what goes on inside the house? Only strange sounds and even stranger lights from within can be seen and heard. Do you dare enter? Or do you stay outside and explore The Cemetary behind the house?

DIrectly in front of the House is a…. SPOOKY SWAMP….. gnarled trees and tiny ghostly beings float up and over the murky yet incandescent waters of the swamp… and if you look into the water itself, sometimes you can even see tiny ghosts staring back up at you! In the center of the swamp is a shack. Inside the shack is rumored to be a portal that takes you to The Haunted Carnival where rides, twisted games and the fabled Tiny Freak Show House can be viewed! 

On Heron Shire, Even the Great Forest where The Great Tree Steve resides is not without spooky forebearings. Strange transformations have taken place as the entire forest is now encased in a mysterious and thick fog that glows and shimmers and seemingly moves as if alive. Eerie sounds and lights have been seen and heard and it is said that strange and terrifying creatures now inhabit The Haunted Forest which is now encased in a never ending night said to last until the end of this very spooky October……

Look for Events & Activities over The entire month as Raglan Shire presents: A Very SPOOKTACULAR Halloween Month!

4 thoughts on “SHOCKTOBER on Raglan Shire!”

  1. I have to say…

    All this Halloween and haunted houses.. it scares this tiny mammoth stiff!

    I cant even go into the haunted house alone…


    Trunkhugs JoJo

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