Halloween STUFF Going on This Weekend!

Tinys & Friends Congregate in a hidden cave last weekend while exploring the Cassini Estate IE: The Vampire Area on Athen Shire!

So some fun things this weekend as we roll into the weekend of Shocktober 25th & 26th!

Saturday is THRILL THE WORLD DAY! More details can be found at http://www.Thrilltheworld.com but the gist is.. People from all over the world will be doing the Thriller dance (as made Famous by Michael Jackson) at 11 am SLT!  Cereal! if you check the site out you’ll see that people have organized groups to do the thriller dance Everywhere! Istanbul! Tehran! Japan! All over Europe! The States! South America! Australia! The entire worlds gonna be thriller dancing!

And Tinys LOVE TO DANCE! Sooo.. Peaches has created the Thriller dance for tinys and tommorow morning on the Shire, She will be hosting an inworld Thriller dance Party as Tinys Join in and move their paws along with the rest of the world! DJ’ed Music, Prizes and Tinys Thriller dancin! HOOOO!!

On Sunday we kick off the Haunted Carnival party at 11:30 am with a live Musical performance by Moxy Barracuda followed by DJ’ed music and dancing at the Haunted Carnival where folks can ride the rides, play the games, See the Tiny Freak show and more STUFF!!

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