The Medieval Festival Wraps Up!

One for the Books!

After 3 weekends of festivities & celebration, The 2nd Raglan Shire Medieval festival came to a close yesterday amidst music myrth and tiny mayhem!

The final weekend saw Jousting and Archery tournaments, dancing & trivia and a Splendid Live Musical performance by MichelleD Ecksol!! Congratulations go out to Eren Padar who became the Grand Champion at the Joust! And Robyne Flanagan who took the Golden Bow Trophy at the Archery Competition!

Jousting Grand Champion Eren atop his Mount!

Robyne Takes Aim on her way to Capturing the Golden Bow Championship!

There was tons of activities over the last 3 weekends as Tinies converged on the shire to party in medieval style. The Artisans created all manner of medieval items and clothing and SWAG for folken to purchase for their own use. Throughout the entire time, all tinies were decked out in the finest period piece clothing and were treated to tasty food items many of which were ON A STICK.

There were witches to dunk and Wootberry Wine to be made , Incredible Castles & Mazes  to be explored, Catapults to launch each other about, Amazing Scavenger Hunts to partake in, medieval Tiny U classes and a Tiny medieval Wedding to attend, live music to be heard and of course DANCING!

A Tiny medieval Dance in the great Hall of the Castle

Little Bee says one last goodbye to the Castle

And so another enjoyable event comes to a close on the Shire as we say goodbye to the Castle & the Tents on the square and all the wonderful things that so many people helped bring to fruition to make this years Raglan Shire Medieval festival what it was. We even raised just over $20,000 L for the ONE Campaign despite this event not really being a fundraiser!

So thanks to everyone involved, whether you helped create items or events or simply partaked in the merriment and were there to spread good cheer, You all made this yet another memorable experience on The Shire!   Next up….. HALLOWEEN MONTH 😀

5 thoughts on “The Medieval Festival Wraps Up!”

  1. Many, Many thanks to all the talented, creative tinies who brought us all the Medieval Festival. Your tremendous work is truly appreciated! *applause, applause*

  2. I was completely amazed (tho I shouldn’t be by now) at the beautiful works created by our tiny designers. Such skill and brilliance 🙂 And thanks to all who participated with games, dances, events and silliness – to make it a most wonderful festival. 🙂

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