Raglan Medieval Festival Nears!

Heck, the Pic says it all! I mean.. Cereal! Do we really need to say more?


jhehe..  Ya theres lots to see and do this year at our lil Medieval fest! We have some new additions that will give folks joyous PAWS (heh) when they visit not the least being that this year we have a real CASTLE on the grounds for folks to explore! The castle will play host to the Pre-fest Party the Night before on the 12th, as well as The Official Medieval Ball! Also The wedding between two of our own, Legolas & Blodwynna will take place in the Castle as well! The wedding is special because Lego & Blod are marrying in REAL LIFE in a medieval ceremony so we’re pretty excited for them! W00T!

In Addition to all the other stuff going on Theres a couple classes for folks to come and learn how to do stuff!  Its a special Medievil TINY U series as Eren Padar teaches folks how to make a  Sword & Shield & Josephine Planar teaches folk how to make a piece of Medieval jewelry… with bling!

Medieval Tiny U! – Because Learning isnt Evil… its MEDIEVIL!!

So lots to come as we continue prepping for the Fest! Look for Artisan created Period piece outfits & other themed accessories and goodies and SWAG to start appearing this weekend in the various tents about the Tent Square! Full perusal mode starts this weekend and September 13th kicks off the 2nd Raglan Shire Medieval Festival!  *Kermit the Frog arm flailing*

Check the Raglan Calendar on the Web page here as well as in world at any of the calendar signs! More Info coming! HOOO 😀

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  1. Love it. I think the fact that this year’s festival is taking place across 3 whole weeks, as opposed to last year’s which was over after 3 whole DAYS illustrates just how much the community has grown over the past 12 months. Tinies rule! Raglan rules!

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