Medieval Fest: Only a few days Away!

Town Crier Lani invites you to the 2nd Raglan Shire Medieval Festival!

Yep, as if you cant hear her bell from a mile away, or you haven’t read the web page or seen all the excited folks talking about the Fest or seen the medieval grounds & castle area…..

Guess Whats coming THIS WEEKEND on the Raglan Cluster?

Friday night is a Pre-Festival Dance hosted by Blodwynna & Legolas at Raglan Castle. They’ll be DJ’ing tunes, doing trivia & giving out moneys as we get ready for….

The Medieval Festival which officially kicks off on Saturday!

In Addition to a live musical performance by Ganjo Mokeev at 12pm noon on Saturday and the Tiny Medieval Masquerade Ball on Sunday at 12:30 pm, There will also be the Medieval Scavenger Hunt going on all weekend. You can get details at the Scavenger hunt Tent on the Main Square but the gist is that the Hunt has a HUGE Grand Prize Haul! IE: lots of cool STUFF to win!

The Grand Prize haul includes an Armored Pig (donated by Baron Bloodsong Termagant), a custom-finished set of Joust armour (by Royal blacksmith CaptCuddles Boa), a Jester Outfit (by Lady Panacea Pangaea), a custom chainmail Tunic (by Royal dressmaker Bo Fiddlesticks), a cheeky little pet mouse (caught from the household of Queen Wynx) and a royal grant of $500L (from Magistrate Till)


So It all starts Saturday, be sure and check the Event Calendar to the right on this main page or look for in world Event Calendars around the shire as well as notices and if you’re still not sure whats going on and where and when? Just ask folks!

And if you need appropriate medieval clothing or armor and the like? Be sure to visit the medieval square and check out the various tents as there is a plethora of finely crafted Artisan wares to peruse!

See you at the Festival on Saturday!


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