Ghost Story & Camping Aftermath!

Saturday Nights Camp Out & Ghost Story Telling was Spooky Fun!

Tons of tiny folken gathered areound the camp fire and told spooky tales of ghastly hauntings and supernatural occurances, some were even real life experiences!


Afterwards, everyone moved down the way to the camp site where tents were set up with sleeping bags and lanterns. Everyone sat out all night around the camp site firepit and munched on smores and roasted (IE Burnt) marshmellows! Thanks to Isis for organizing the Campout and to everyone else who got involved with making the Awesome Swag, posters, scripted item as well as to everyone who shared and read their ghost stories!

Look for another even more spooky camp out & ghost story evening during Halloween Month!

Camping! Its Intense!

Tommorow, look for a post on THE 2nd RAGLAN SHIRE MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL coming Sept 13th!

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