Get your Tiny Medieval ON!

Medieval Armored Goats Rock!

The 2nd Raglan Shire Tiny Medieval Festival kicked off this past weekend to much fanfaire!

*sound of trumpets*

Tinys scoured the Shire sims all weekend in search of scroll parchment pieces as part of the Scavenger Hunt. There was much dancing during the pre medieval fest party on friday & During the Tiny masquerade Ball on sunday. Ganjo Mokeev performed for a enthusiastic tiny audience on Saturday and folks got lost in the maze on Heron Shire in the Forest.

All in All , there was lots of activity as folks enjoyed the beginning of the festival set to run through Sept 28th. On Sunday night a Critter flinging Catapult was set up and made ready for folks to enjoy as theres almost nothing more medieval then a tiny flinging catapult! On Monday Medieval Tiny U was in full swing as Josephine & Eleanora  each taught classes for folks with more classes to follow in the following days with Eren Padar & JO & Eleanora.

Tiny U! Because knowledge isnt Evil… Its MEDIEVAL!!

Coming up this weekend….

A Tiny Medieval Wedding!


2 thoughts on “Get your Tiny Medieval ON!”

  1. Awesome picture! MMC looks great on her Armoured Goat!

    Many thanks to everyone who scavenged and hunted over the weekend. Prizes are in the process of being sourced and distributed for those still waiting for stuff. I haven’t forgotten any of yous!

    Ganjo’s gig was awesome! Congrats Teal on another great booking!

  2. Oki I must say this is amazing!
    I hear so many wonderful remarks about the Medieval fest!
    I remember it from last year and thought it could not be any better than that.. I was wrong!
    This is the best community EVAAAARRRRRRR!

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