And happily they ever lived after!

a Medieval Wedding in the Shire

There was a wedding in the Shire!

Last Saturday, our friend Legolas Ceawlin married his lovely Blodwynna in Tiny Medieval Style.
Over an hour before the actual happening, the groom paced around and sighed and sighed, the wedding band rehearsed for the last time, last arrangements were made and friendships were (re)established.

Then the time had come! Minister-for-the-occasion Comka read moving words, and finally the vows were spoken. Both bride and groom said a wholehearted ‘I do’ and the crowd cheered on the top of their tiny lungs.
Then the cake was cut – and then there was dancing!

On behalf of all the Ragaloons & Ragalettes: CONGRATS to Mr. & Mrs. Legolas Waffle!!

5 thoughts on “And happily they ever lived after!”

  1. Mr & Mrs Waffle XD jhaha..
    The Wedding was awesome.. and I dont even like weddings! Was a great setting, with great people. A Real Family Affair!
    Grats Blodwynna & Legolas 😀

  2. Thanks so much for posting that Bo. It was a very special day for us, made all the more special by all the friends (and folks I don’t even know!) who pitched in, in true tiny fashion, to help.

    Love you all!
    Lego and Bloddy

  3. Congrats you two lovebirds:D

    It was so lovely and wonderful and I am so honoured that you shared it with us all.

    Best wishes of love and happyness:D


  4. Heartfelt congratulations to the tiny couple. And thanks to all who posted wonderful pictures of the event so I could share in it that way 🙂

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