Tiny Olympics Ends in Fine Style!


After Four weekends & three grueling weeks of Olympic competition, The RED TEAM has won the Overall Team Points competition to take the Gold Medal in the TIny Olympics! Captained by Karmagirl Avro, the Red team showed focused determination & Teamwork & never wavered in their march to Olympic Golden Glory!

Congratulations Red Team!

And Congratulations to the Purkle team who took the SIlver Medal & to the Green Team who took Bronze!

In Fairness its almost unfair to announce winners as everyone on all the teams were fantastic! Everyone competed hard, tried their best, showed excellent sportsmanship  & had a blast during the entire Tiny Olympic Games!  Way to go Everyone!

Saturdays final two events were the Tiny Olympic Fencing & The Tiny Tower of Victory! Both were a blast to watch as the purple team took gold in fencing while the Red Team took Gold in the Tower.

Sunday we enjoyed the Closing ceremonies which saw the Team Medal Awards presentation, A Wonderful Live Musical performance by Noma Falta & Her All TIny Backing band (LOL) and the final words which saw A massive fireworks show & the extinguishing of the Olympic Flame at the main torch!

But do not feel sadness as the flame was extinguished, for in Raglan Shire tradition, A small portion of the flame was passed to Xavier, The Curator of the Raglan Shire Museum located on the Raglan Commons sim where it will continue to burn as part of an Exhibit detailing the Raglan Shire Tiny Olympics!

Look for more verbage in the next few days about the Olympics but for now, once again, WTG ALL!

We raised OVER $120,000 L For ONE.ORG!

Tinys Rule 😀