~~~~~~~~~~CAMPING! ITS INTENSE!!~~~~~~~

Camping Night is Coming!

Next weekend, look for the first Ever Raglan Campout at The Forest of THE GREAT TREE STEVE!

**Note : hmm we really need a proper name for the actual forest… anyone has any suggestions? Maybe we need a “NAME THE FOREST” contest…

Anyways.. so Campout at the Forest next week!.. Ghost stories!, marshmellow roasting!, sleeping bags & tents!.. on the forest grounds at the firepit area and on the platforms of THE GREAT TREE STEVE!… the whole shebang!!…its Tiny Camping!!

CAMPING! ITS IN…..  err ya.. you’e already heard it before XD

Look for more info sbout the Campout & Ghoststories night from Isis whos been organizing this, theres interactive stuff for folks to do other then just enjoy themselves… like tell Ghost Stories! muhahahahaha…. Look at the sweet posters above that Misa did! w000t!

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