2008 Raglan Tiny Olympics – Final Wrap Up & Thanks!


So its been a few weeks since the end of the Spectacular Raglan Shire Tiny Olympics & I thought I’d do a huge Ginormous wrap up post thanking everyone.

First off, our FINAL Linden Total for the Olympics fundraising effort for One.org was 125,325L!
This is a fantastic total considering we raised this in only 3 weekends. Once again, the tiny population in Second Life is minuscule… TINY even! we make up less then 1% of the total Second Life population so to be able to raise what we did is awesome and everyone involved deserves huge props!  YAYYYY! *Kermit the Frog wild arm flailing*

Shortly, I’ll be selling the linden on the Lindex to convert it to real life money to send off to ONE.Org. When its all said and rounded up, this will ultimately be $500 USD that will be sent to ONE. which combined with the previous two ONE fundraising events we did at this years Tiny MardiGras & last years Medieval festival in October of ’07 is a total of $1300.00 USD

That is a lotta Money & will go far in helping people & educating others around the globe!
Once again, Way to go folks! *more Kermit the frog wild arm flailing*

Huge thanks to the following people for their efforts in making the Raglan Shire Tiny Olympics as much awesome fun as they were!

Teal Freenote for Organising the Tiny Olympic Torch Relay, booking the Live musicians
and for making the Graphics that we used for the Tiny Olympic signs.

Summer Seale for designing and creating the Tiny Olympic Torch Flame that burned throughout the Tiny Olympics as well as the Hand held Flames used in the Torch relay and also for creating the Olympic Particle rings that hung over the Paw & Whisker.

Xerxes Luna & Catten Carter for creating the Networked Kiosks that we used to collect donations for ONE.org . These things were amazing!

Bo Fiddlesticks & Chaffro for creating the individual medals that were given out to competitors.

Robie Bloch & Noma Falta for performing excellent sets of live music for the enjoyment of all.

Also the following who either created or ran one or more of the events:
Awor Blabbermouth who created the Archery & Running long jump as well as the bicycles used in the Tour De Shire plus many other build additions and scripts used throughout the Olympics.
Baldi McMillan who created & ran the amazing Olympic Balloon race,
Bloodsong Termagent who created the fantabulous Team Tower of Victory Event as well as ran the Olympic fishing tourneyfor which he also created the amazing Olympic fish to catch.
Catten Carter who created the Olympic Javelin Event as well as the Surfing plus helping with many other aspects of the Olympics.
Chaffro Schoonmaker who created & ran the Olympic Cloud Chasing hurdles as well as running the Olympic Catfight Event.
Etheria Parrott who created and ran the Olympic Mounted Puppy race.
Panacea Pangaea who came up with the rules and ran the 40 Minute Olympic Silica Cubicle Build Challenge along with Drfran as a judge.
Karmagirl Avro &  Morticia Uram who ran the Olympic Primtionary Event.
Josephine Planar who ran the Olympic Surfing Competition & the Olympic Tour DeShire Bike race.
Eleanora Newell & Fox Obviate who created & ran the Olympic RikShaw race.
Kul Breiz who ran the Olympic Pie Toss event
Shadow Marlin who created & ran the Olympic Equestrian event.
Xerxes Luna who created not just the cat fight but the Olympic Fencing Event which he also ran.

Thanks as well to Everyone who created items that were at the Swag Area! Whether they were freebies designed to help get people in the spirit of the tiny Olympics or olympic themed items for sale with proceeds going to the ONE Campaign, your contributions were greatly appreciated! Also anyone who contributed donations directly, thank you 😀

Big thanks to the captains of the 3 teams, Legolas, Karmagirl & Chaffro for helping motivate & lead their teams! 🙂

And lastly, Thanks to the teams themselves! Everyone on the Red, Purkle & Green teams! You were all brilliant! The Team spirit,enthusiasm & sportsmanship that everyone demonstrated was awesome! *more frog arm flailing*  WTG ALL 😀

Apologies to anyone who might not be listed and again, Everyones efforts were and are always appreciated! *starts singing the tiny Olympic tune*

Thanks to everyone for making the Tiny Olympics such a success! 😀

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  1. Yea thanks to Zayn!
    Your speaches made me cry and they were so heartfelt.. dont have words to express what I feel.

    Without you we would not have this community and no amazing events to be a part of.

    TAK 😀

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