*cue Olympic music*

Coming in less then 2 weeks! Its the First Ever Raglan Shire Summer Olympics!

A completely crazy and loosely organized series of events spread out over three+ weeks that three teams (The RED, GREEN & PURKLE!) will be competing in for individual & team medals to determine which team will win the Overall Team Gold, Silver & Bronze!  

If you want to compete on one of the teams, you can register yourself either here on the forums (theres a topic where you can add your name under), or in front of the Paw & Whisker club on Raglan Shire.. Just drop a notecard with your name into the box there with the big arrow pointing to it :)

We’ll have a Big Opening Cermonies on Saturday July 12th where we’ll announce the teams! (yes we will be randomly drawing up teams from all the folks who register!) as well as having a torch lighting ceremony & lots of music , & dancing!

Events will start the next day and continue for the next few weekends with STUFF going on in between events! There will be track & Field style events, Boat races, Tiny Sumo & much much more plus we’ll be raising moneyz for ONE.Org as well! Look for Tiny Olympic Swag & other things as we celebrate the Olympic Spirit.. Tiny Style!

So stop what you’re doing and Register to be on a team right now! Seriously! Right now!!



  1. What time will it start? I have to work on saturdays and don’t get back until 1.30pm SLT

  2. Once the teams are announced, so will the list of events over the next few weekends. Teams can get together and talk amongst themselves but the basics are that folks from all teams will be able to show up if they can for most events with a few events requiring some pre-registering by participants to let us know if they’re gonna participate (IE: Tiny Sumo & Cat fighting events). Don’t worry though, more info to come and folks wont have to be in every event just as long as someone(s) from each team can participate! 🙂

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I need my computer back so i can be in the olympics toooooo..

  4. Yes it’s a darling logo. I think it’s pals Teal and JoJo running with the torch 😉 Aren’t they adorable? Go gals goooooo!!!!

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