Tiny Olympics! Only Days Away! YOW!

That’s right! We’re just days away from starting!  Huge Update and info here for Inquiring minds! Lotta info here so.. HERE WE GO!!  *takes deep breath*

ALSO! Just added the Tentative Calendar of All the events , when they’re taking place, times etc! Check it out on the General Forums!

First off, if you haven’t Registered yet to be on one of the Three teams, you still have a few days! We’ll be taking registrations up until Friday around noon then BAM! That’s it! You can register here on the forums or go to the registration box in front of the Paw & Whisker here http://slurl.com/secondlife/Raglan%20Shire/155/177/23

At that point we’ll be taking everyone registered & randomly dividing you all into THREE teams! The RED Team, The Green Team & The Purple Team! There are 3 Team Captains all set to offer leadership for their teams although even thye dont know which team they’re on!  Team Captains are Chaffro Schoonmaker, Legolas CeawLin & KarmaGirl Avro! They’ll be helping to motivate, focus and offer any help they can to their teams during the Olympic duration! We even have an Olympic Village area behind the Paw & Whisker! Each team has their own building where they can plan and use STRATEGERY!

On Saturday July 12th Beginning at 11am SLT, A team of Tinys will run the Shire Sims on a Relay Route with Torches in paw ultimately ending up at the Master Olympic Torch by the track & field area in the center of the Tree City on Raglan Shire where we will Light the Master Torch to signify the beginning of the games!

At that point Teams will be announced & then Robie Bloch a talented live musician will entertain everyone on the TINY U platform at 12 Noon SLT followed by DJ’ed music and dancing at the  Paw & Whisker! There will be Fireworks & Swag as well & everyone is encouraged to donate to the ONE Foundation to eliminate hunger as we’ll be raising money all Olympics long for ONE.Org!

Events will be starting the very next day as we kick things off with Olympic Team Primtionary on Sunday the 13th at 11am SLT followed by the Silica Cubicle 40 minute Build challenge at 1:30 SLT where individuals will be asked to build “something” in 40 minutes with the top 3 builds being awarded medals!

Individuals competing can win medals in each event with each medal won being worth Points going to the overall Team Totals! Gold Medals will be worth 7 points, Silver Medals will be worth 5 points & Bronze Medals will be worth 3 points.  Certain other events will also award 1 point to a team for a 4th place finish .  Team totals will be posted on the Raglan Grounds at the Master Torch so everyone can keep track as well as here on the Web page!

Other events upcoming: The Cloudchasing Hurdles Event, The Running Long Jump and the Javelin Throw on Saturday the 19th,  The Olympic Balloon Race, The 2nd Tour De Shire Olympic Bicycle Race & The Olympic Fishing Tournament on Sunday July 20th

The Following weekends will include The Tiny Foot Race, the Mounted Puppy Race, The RikShaw Relay Race, Olympic Tiny Archery, Olympic Tiny Fencing, Olympic Tiny Cat Fight, Olympic Tiny Sumo, Tiny Surfing & More tentatively scheduled!  We’ll post exact times and dates in the next few days! Also expect to see parties & Celebrations in between the weekend events as these things tend to spawn spontaneous themed celebrations! w00t!

Closing ceremonies will be on Sunday August 3rd & will feature Team Medal awards ceremonies, Live musical performances , DJ’ed tunes, dancing and more culminating with the extinguishing of the Tiny Olympic Flame!

Look for more Info to come! We’re getting near!  EEEP!

8 thoughts on “Tiny Olympics! Only Days Away! YOW!”

  1. I don’t know what I’m more excited about: Primtionary which I’m hosting, captaining one of the Olympic teams or the build challenge at the Silica cubical! woot!

    Opening Party – Live performer Robie Bloch plays for us at 12 noon SLT on the Tiny U/Primtionary platform on Raglan Shire. Robie is a professional singer/songwriter from the NY area in RL and enjoys a large following in SL. She is excited to play for the Tiny Community!

    Closing Pary – Live performer Noma Falta plays for us at 12 noon SLT on the Tiny U/Primtionary platform on Raglan Shire. Noma is a professional singer and bass player in RL now located in Atanta, Georgia. She is a popular performer in both “L”s and loves tinies!

  3. I hope everyone who winds up on my team realises we have to be the ‘heels’ of this event; the team who everybody hates, who everybody wants to bring down, and the team who will stop at NUTHIN to achieve Gold! Wooot!

  4. Wow Chaff…that…SOUNDS LIKE MY KINDA TEAM!!! Hooooooooooooo!!!!! YAY OLYMPICS!!!

    *ninja stance*

  5. I’m thinking I’m going to have to withdraw from being a team member as I’m not sure when I can be in to participate 🙁 🙁

    Unless of course the team I get picked for understands and let’s me play when I can be in???


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