Tiny Olympics are Underway!

Wowz! What an opening weekend!

The Raglan Shire Tiny Olympics is Officially off & running!

On Saturday , 0ver 20 tiny runners took place in The Torch Relay run that took the runners over the entire cluster of Sims that make up the Shire ending up at the Master Torch that was lit in fitting ceremony.  It was an AMAZING spectacle as throngs of folken ran with the runners or picked their spots to cheer them on as the runners ran by. Watching the sea of green dots move from sim to sim and finally converging on Raglan Shire where the Torch was at was an awesome site & it was only fitting that it was Violet Faulds who ran the last leg of the relay (torch in paw) as her father ran in the 1984 Olympics.  At the lighting, words were said, and we dedicated the entire Tiny Olympics to our friend Bo Fiddlesticks who lost her father this past week.

After the Teams were announced, everyone assembled at the Tiny U. platform where a stage had been set up for Robie Bloch, a talented Singer Songwriter who performed a spirited set of live music for all to enjoy!

You can see the Excellent video that Wolf made of  Saturdays activities at


Sunday brought the first competitive events of the games as Teams competed in the team Primtionary Event on the Tiny U. platform & The 40 Minute Build Challenge at the Silica Cubicle. The Red team took the gold followed by the Green team which took Silver and the Purple team which took bronze in the Primtionary Event. Mono Flow of the red team took Gold for his team in the Build Challenge, with Lorimae Undercroft & Wolf Hartnell of the Green team taking Silver & Bronze.

The Primtionary Match was Fierce and very vocal (as only tinies can be!) and the Build Challenge was an amazing sight, with 18 tinies ( 6 from each team) spread out on mats, furiously working to create a Robotic styled build which was asked of them within the 40 minute limit. Everyone had their own unique take on their build and every build was completely different from the rest. It was Awesomness 🙂

At the end of the events, Team totals were tabulated and posted on the Main Scoreboard located at the Master Torch on Raglan Shire and A fireworks show commenced celebrating the end of the first Weekend of The Tiny Olympics!

Next weeks events should be more of what we saw yesterday, with the teams battling head to head for Tiny Olympic Glory!  To see a list of events, dates and times, click the Events Calendar to the right. Theres lots of fun events to come in the next 3 weeks! Even if your not on a team, come cheer them on! Good Luck Teams! w000t!

3 thoughts on “Tiny Olympics are Underway!”

  1. It was truly an amazing weekend! I am so proud of all the Raglan tinies who put together and participated in the events.
    Cheers to all my Torch Relay runners for creating a really truly moving experience for us all :)))

  2. By the time I went to bed on Sunday I felt I’d had a whole week of fun and excitement in just one weekend!

    Looking forward to the upcoming events very much.

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