ONE LAST Tiny Olympic Weekend to Go!!

The Close of the Tiny  Olympics is near! eep!

But theres still a few things left before we extinguish the flame!

On Friday, Jo’s hosting Movie night at 11 am at The Theater Dome! She’ll be screening the Animated film, The Incredibles!  (fek i LUV that movie!)

Then later that night at 6pm, Karma and the Red Team will be hosting an Olympic Toga Party for everybody! It will be held at the Tiny Olympic Village located behind the Paw & Whisker on Raglan Shire. Karma will be DJ’ing tunes & there should be the usual Tiny insanity that everyone’s come to expect 🙂

Then on Saturday its the last day of competition as The teams will compete in the last 2 events of the Tiny Olympics! The Tiny Fencing Tourney at 11:30 am & The TEAM Tower of Victory Event at 1:30pm! Both of these events should be ultra exciting!

Sunday brings the closing ceremonies as we say goobye to the games, announce the overall team winners and award all teams their medals. As a special bonus, Acclaimed Blues Musician & live musical performer Noma Falto will be performing for everyone at noon on sunday!

Afterwards we’ll be extinguishing the flame and bringing to a close one of the most exciting Events that we have ever had on The Raglan Cluster! So good luck teams & enjoy this final weekend folks!

its History 😀

EDIT: on July 31st @ 8 pm, we hit our goal of $100,000L raised for!

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