You are cordially Invited to…..

Step through and walk in our shoes!

Join us at The Shires Display Area!!!! 

Located at the Second Life 5th Birthday Celebration on the Ruthed Sim!

Starting at 10 am on Monday, June 23rd, feel free to come explore the area at   

The Raglan Events & Activities Group has worked hard to bring the essence of the Raglan Tiny Community to life on an 8192 sqm piece of land. It Looks great! 

Inviting visitors to “Take a walk on the TINY SIDE!”, Free tiny avatars are given out and visitors can take the tour and see exhibits of many of the past years events that have been held on the Raglan Cluster as well as get a feel for what our community is all about! 

This is a display that represents the community and it really delivers the spirit and heart that makes our lil band of merry virtual adventurers what it is today….. SOCK MUNKHHHAYYYYY!! 🙂

So come on down, take a look and Enjoy! 🙂

4 thoughts on “You are cordially Invited to…..”

  1. Really, go see!

    It is Home Away From Home – a teeny tinie piece of the Shire, surrounded by ick (as Clowey said so to the point!).

    Thanks to all the participants, landscapers & decoraters who made this a great success – even before the opening!


  2. Hooooooooooooooo!!!

    Yes please please please come down and see what our our team has come up with. So many have worked hard of this exhibit so what better way to say thank you then coming down and seeing for yourselves.




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