The Tree City Revamp Continues!

CHEEZ n RICE!  Wowz, its a lot of work to do stuff in Second Life! 

So it’s week 2 of the Tree city Revamp! All the platforms are in place, the Paths are on the grounds, the acorn lifts are set up.. The Sandbox is ready to open for folks…. Although we won’t be calling it a Sandbox… nope nope! It going to be called The Raglan Silica Cubicle!  HA! It’s a play on words! w000t!  Still same concept though, folks can come and build there! so much more lil things to do but its coming along nicely!  In the pic you can also see the Extrovirtual sim we put down next door. Nora & Wynx have been busy working on that sim and it looks Fabbo 😀

3 thoughts on “The Tree City Revamp Continues!”

  1. Imma need a map when I get back.. All these changes. Someone out there send back yer Platinum Ram card! Mine’s apparently on backorder and I can’t get my puter fixed =(

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