New Issue of The Shire Times is out!

The Shire Times!

Hot off the presses! The New Issue of The Shire Times is available for reading RIGHT NOW!

Once again the Staff at the Shire Times has put out a plethora of information, articles, interviews and STUFF that will keep you up to date & informed on all things Raglan community related!

The Shire Times! – All the Tiny news that YOU need to know about!

Thanks Chaffro and Staff!

6 thoughts on “New Issue of The Shire Times is out!”

  1. Welcome!

    Again, if anyone wants to submit anything for the next edition, don’t hesitate to ask – in fact, DON’T EVEN ASK! Just do it; get something jotted down on a notecard and send it to me, preferably with an accompanying photo (but not essential). It’s tough trying to get everything together almost on my own each time. I do have some invaluable help from some folk, but the more the merrier!


  2. Chaffro’s done an awesome job (again!)
    I know how much work goes into making it – it’s a HUGE task!

  3. But i can’t get inworld.. can i read it in the forum somehow guys? help ::sob sob::

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